Lose to Win was much more than a weight loss challenge, through it, we aimed to provide our colleagues with a truly life-changing experience. During the competition candidates were expected to follow a clean and healthy diet, and aimed to hit 4-5 workouts a week. To help them on their way, a health and wellbeing representative conducted workshops, giving helpful hints and tips to participants hoping to meet their target weights; conducted workshops included: ‘Nutrition and Motivation’, ‘Educational Sports Coaching’, ‘How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself!’, ‘Stress Management And How To Be Mindful About What You Eat’, ‘Bone Health’, ‘Men’s medical assessment session health’, and ‘Autonomy To A Steady Weight Loss Journey’.

Our Managing Director Eng. Hamad Al Ameri reveals Trojan’s Lose to Win challenge.

Partnering their new health and wellbeing knowledge with access to gym facilities, participants set about trying to beat the competition, and ultimately reach their target weight. 16 participants from a pool of 300 started the challenge, all being assessed on their percentage of fat loss. The first weigh-in took place on October 24th, where 5 candidates were eliminated; a further 5 were then eliminated on November 21st, leaving just 6 in contention for the title.Meet the selected candidates from Team Trojan, NPC Royals, Phoenix Reems & Al Maha Hitech.

Contestants  getting tips from Arab Middle Weight Champion, Muay Thai, MMA, MBC action coach Ibrahim Elsawi.

1st Milestone
Congratulations to the candidates that made it to the next level of the challenge after weigh-in.

Event Finale

Announced on January 27th at Trojan’s head office, the competition came to an end. Mr. Rizwan Ali was named the champion and winner by shedding a massive 24kg (that’s 20% body fat loss) over the month. 1st and 2nd runners up are Mr. Usama Al Sayed and Mr. Syed Idress who lost 17.2% and 5% body fat respectively.

Speaking of his transformation, Rizwan shared this insight: Competitors were my motivation in this competition, every time I think I can’t do the workout, I see other competitors working out so I start working-out hard too!

The competition may have come to an end – but the jourbey isn’t over yet. The candidates may have achieved exceptional results in completing the challenge, but now is the time to take it to the next step i.e. a life-long commitment towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a selection of encouraging words from some of this year’s participants:
“Together, we have accomplished a great success, that we would not have accomplished alone. It has been a hard journey so far, and I would do anything not to go back to how I used to be.” Osama

“Our body is smart; how you think of it, it will go with that.” Syed

“The Lose to Win campaign was the only opportunity that worked for me; it provided me with the right information and the motivation to get the results I wished for.” Talha

“My body feels lighter, I move around easier, and my clothes fit better!” Mohamed