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Mudon Phase 3

Client: Omran Dubai Properties LLC

Location: Dubai Land, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Scope: Construction, Completion, Testing, Commissioning of 496 nos. of Villa in Mudon Development including remedying of any defects and all related electro-mechanical works, boundary walls with guard room and ancillary works. This includes 5Bed (16nos.), 4Bed (86nos.), 3Bed (26nos.), 3Bed Corner (52nos.), 2Bed Town House (Mid) (48nos.), 3Bed Town House (Mid) (148nos.), 3Bed Town House (Corner)-A (76nos.), 3Bed Town House(Corner) - B (14nos.), 3Bed Town House (End) - A (18nos.) and 3Bed Town House (End) - B (12nos). Approximate Built - Up Area= 115,064.78sqm.

Status: On-Going




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