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1,000,000 Man Hours without LTI at Nad Al Sheba

Trojan General Contracting LLC are pleased to announce that a ceremony involving dignitaries, Nakheel, government authority (Trakhees), Consultant Arif & Bintoak, company staff, and representatives of local communities and members of the business community was held on Tuesday 15 November at the Nad Al Shiba project in celebration of achieving 1,000,000 man-hours without LTI.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries from our clients, Mr. Ali Al Naqbi, Head of HSSE Department of Nakheel; Mr. Mahboub Hassan Saleh, HSSE Director of Construction & Projects of Nakheel; Mr. Adeeb Yasin, Project Director of Nakheel, Mr. Hamdan Al Mulla Project Manager of Nakheel; Mr. Kadeem Abbas, Asst. HSSE Manager of Nakheel, Mr. Saeed Yousuf HSSE Coordinator of Nakheel, Mr. Boojie Bonde HSSE Inspe’tor of Nakheel; representative from Trakhees Authority Mr. Mohamed Rafeek, from consultant Mr. Hani Mansour Project Manager of Arif & Bintoak, Resident Engineer & Safety Advisor, from our company Mr. Elsayed Towfeek Project Manager and Mr. Ahmed Ali HSSE Project Manager & other Members.

We are incredibly pleased to inform you that our company, as well as the HSSE project Manager received certificates of appreciation. .safety performance at Nad Al Shiba project. The endless hours that spent working safely on this project, and the professionalism that we have shown has impressed the client, consultant, Trakhees authority and entire team immensely. We hope that this positivity flows into every day work and subsequent projects as well.  

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